Global Sanctions Repository

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Global Sanctions Repository
Primary Source. Analysis.
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Numerous sanction programmes involving US OFAC SDN and Non-SDN Lists, Consolidated Lists of European Union, United Nations and United Kingdom HMT and other lists.
Data analysis for selected lists available. Further lists to be added in the near future.
Usually every 24 hours for automatically monitored lists. Higher update frequency for these lists possible on request.
Date/time reflects the date of data retrieval from the website of the respective website, unless otherwise noted. Please note that there may be time lags between OFAC published data and their availability in the CSL List of the U.S. Department of Commerce International | Trade Administration (ITA).
Primary name of listed party and additional names/identities (Alias/AKA), which also includes spelling variations. Analysis subject to list structure/availability. In the case of the EU List, the total number of names was considered, minus the number of unique identities in order to calculate AKA figures and comparable results.
Classification according to the respective sanction list. Please note that several lists categorize by 'entities' and 'persons' only (such as EU list). Vessels for example are not explicitly mentioned in these lists, however single vessels were included in the number of entities in the past.
Country affiliations of the listed parties by address, carrier flag, citizenship or other data, based on analyzed information from the respective sanction list.