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Detailed update from on recent developments in Customs and Export Control. Content overview of the latest issue: "We were in Biarritz France and Europe's biggest customs conference. Learn about the latest customs processes & procedures (including AEO), trade agreements,... Read more
Detailed chronologic overview and analysis on relevant sanctions developments by U.S. attorney Amir Fadavi []   "Monday, November 21 OFAC issued General License No.13C "Authorizing Certain Administrative Transactions Prohibited by Directive 4 under..." Click here for full text ... Read more
The first entry of the newly established restrictive measures concerning Haiti was identified on the EU Consolidated Sanctions list on Nov 28 2022. Please see EU source for reference (Nov 25 2022): A more detailed profile of... Read more
Global Sanctions: Which information sources do you use to stay up to date? The sanctions landscape is evolving rapidly. has published a collection of information sources for practitioners, such as   - Newsletters, Blogs, Magazines/Journals, Publications and Guides -... Read more
Topics of the weekly WorldECR newsletter include: Dutch will restrict China chip exports ‘on their own terms’: Schreinemacher 'The Netherlands will not copy the American measures one-to-one. We make our own assessment.' Read more
The Global Sanctions Landscape has changed significantly:  But is this development reflected in the number of relevant staff in organisations (Sanctions/AML/KYC/Compliance) as well? A poll was conducted by Pascal Ditté on Linkedin with the question: "How did the number of staff dealing with... Read more
Descartes has posted an interesting and helpful article on Linkedin on the issue above. Link to the Descartes article: Here is a comment from on this article (please see source below): "Is compliance only about the costs?" N... Read more
Topics of the weekly WorldECR newsletter include: Magnitsky sanctions 'send message…no matter where they are' Report suggests significant opportunities to ensure greater impact by multilateralizing sanctions designations. Read more
Topics of the weekly WorldECR newsletter include: Commerce 'inept' at reconciling security and trade needs, says export control bill sponsor Proposals would transfer export control authorities from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Defense. Read more
Topics of the weekly WorldECR newsletter include: Big Tech should exploit Iran comms licence more fully, say senators 'It remains vitally important that Iranians retain connections to the outside world.' Read more